We made the difficult decision at the beginning of July, that reopening on the 4th, as was allowed by the government, was not adequate time to prepare and understand. We therefore have pushed this date back a whole month to give ourselves the times to prepare, train staff and also to assess the situation evolving around us. This has included extensive research of other methods and systems used. We are only opening now as we feel 100% that our staff and your health is protected to our best ability. We have put in numerous measures and realise that this will make some customers feel comfortable, and others less pleased that their fun and night out is being led by rules. We understand both sides and it is difficult, however whilst the guidance is for social distancing, we will always be on the side of looking after everyones health first and foremost. We have attempted to make this as much of an enjoyable experience as is possible at the moment. Please care with us and we welcome your support as we pull through this extremely tough time for our industry.

Face masks can be worn by customers or staff. We have PPE supplies for all our staff if they choose to wear it. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please feel free to do so.

You should be sat at this table for your duration. You cannot just move around the pub freely unfortunately at the moment. However, if you wish to move to another table, please speak to a member of staff and we will try to find you an alternative table.

On arrival you will be asked to scan a QR code on your phone to register your details with our test and trace app. We will be only asking for the most basic of details and these will only be kept for 28 days before being deleted. If you have any social media apps or even use google, you will already be sharing far more data with some of the biggest companies across the world than we will be asking for. However you can choose to not sign up.The venue reserves the right to refuse entry, but we will most likely not be enforcing this. We fully comply with GDPR.

Unfortunately, the guidelines state clearly that music above background level is not allowed, nor is the encouraging of groups to gather. We will not have any live music, club nights or be showing sport until later notice.

We wil not be imposing any limit on drinks or time at the bar at this moment. Please be respectful of others and take care of yourself and be responsible for your social bubble.

Obviously it is safer to pay with a contactless card for mo=inimal contact. However, cash is currency! We accept cash!!

We have put countless measures in place for yours and our staffs safety. We decided not to open on the 4th July as longer was needed to guarantee your safety. We are very confident that we have more than met the tough and stringent requirements that we have set ourselves here at the Purple Turtle. These include:

We have no less than 28 hand sanitising points throughout the venue. You will be asked to sanitise on arrival, and make sure you sanitise before using toilets or touching handles.

Staff will be cleaning the tables much more regularly than before. After a table has been used it will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before the next group can use it.

We have gone far and beyond on this front. At regular 30 minute intervals we will be spray sanitising the entire toilets from top to bottom.

Furniture has been removed and replaced to ensure full social distancing is in place. Other measure will also include screens and curtains to ensure maximum protection is in place. Furniture will not be allowed to be moved.

NO more queuing at the bar I’m afraid. Customers will find a QR code at their table, that will take them to our ordering app. once you order here, please wait whilst our staff make and bring your drink over to you

We are strongly recommending advanced bookings, but we will be accepting walkins to the venue. If we are at capacity and customers need to queue, we will be enforcing a 2 metres distanced queuing at the front door, please help our staff and security out here by adhering.

External areas will be set up with the same social-distancing measures as internally.

To avoid congestion, smoking will not be permitted around any entrance/exit doors.

Where possible, the designated external smoking area will be clearly marked to aid with social distancing.