17 May, outside and inside. Rule of 6.

We are very happy to announce that we will be be back open inside and outside from the 17 May. We have increased the hours we are open, please enjoy but remember to be respectful.

From 17 May, performances or film showing can now start From 17 May, we will be back as a venue, hosting live music, DJ nights, comedy, theatre, film and comedy across the week.

We will be announcing these shows in the coming week, please check our calendar and be sure to get a ticket as they will sell quickly.

Booking is advised, and we have a great new booking system that you can not only book your spot, but get your cultural tickets and also order your drinks. For booking click HERE



MON: 17:00 – 01:00

TUES: 17:00 – 01:00

WED: 17:00 – 01:00

THURS: 17:00 – 01:00 

FRI: 17:00 – 02:30 

SAT: 14:00 – 02:30 

SUN: 14:00 – 01:00 


Yes, you heard us. Purple Turtle are doing table service!

Well, its because we have to, but hey!

How novel!

On arrival, you will be able to order using a QR code from the comfort of your chair!

Your drinks will then be made and delivered to you, so you don’t need to stand up for anything but peeing! Win!

Each table has a QR code and number, all instructions are there.

Please, please bear with us whilst we work through these new and challenging changes to our industry. We are doing our best to stay open for you, even when we are up against it with the curfew, lockdowns, table service and no dancing or mingling. Because of this our trade has been dramatically reduced, we simply can’t staff our bar anymore either due to working COVID guidance. Our bar staff are number 1 to us and we will do all we can to protect them, so they can protect you.

You might need to wait a while at time for your drinks, please be patient, they will come, and come with a smile! Maybe put your 2nd order through before you finish the first one! Ask your server what the wait is like.


If you join a physical queue to come into the venue, please be respectful and responsible to others. Please stay 2 metres apart.

It’s the Purple Turtle! Of course you don’t have to book! However, if you would like to book a table for your bubble, then please here to our bookings page here.

Remember you need to stay and only come in your own bubbles, depending on which tier you are from, and which we are in. We are fully compliant with the governments guidelines and go above and beyond for our customers safety.

From 12 April, you will be able to come with a group of up to 6 people from different households. Rule of 6. Please help us and respect this so to not make our life any more difficult.


We have put in numerous measures and realise that this will make some customers feel comfortable, and others less pleased that their fun and night out is being led by rules.

We understand both sides and it is difficult, however whilst the guidance is for social distancing, we will always be on the side of looking after everyones health first and foremost. We have attempted to make this as much of an enjoyable experience as is possible at the moment.

Please care with us and we welcome your support as we pull through this extremely tough time for our industry.

Face masks must be worn by all customers when entering the venue and moving around the venue until they are seated at a table. Once sat at a table customers will then be able to take their face mask off. When moving around the venue and going tothe toilets, face masks must be worn. All our staff wear Face masks.

You should be sat at this table for your duration. You cannot just move around the pub freely unfortunately at the moment. However, if you wish to move to another table, please speak to a member of staff and we will try to find you an alternative table.

On arrival you will be asked to scan a QR code on your phone to register your details with the NHS test and trace app.

We have a programme of seated, table serviced and socially distanced concerts, theatre performances, comedy, burlesque and seated club nights in line with the current government guidance from 17 May, but not before.

We wil not be imposing any limit on drinks or time at the bar at this moment. Please be respectful of others and take care of yourself and be responsible for your social bubble.

Obviously it is safer to pay with a contactless card for minimal contact. However, cash is currency! We accept cash!!

We have put countless measures in place for yours and our staffs safety. We decided not to open on the 4th July as longer was needed to guarantee your safety. We are very confident that we have more than met the tough and stringent requirements that we have set ourselves here at the Purple Turtle. These include:

We have no less than 28 hand sanitising points throughout the venue. You will be asked to sanitise on arrival, and make sure you sanitise before using toilets or touching handles.

Staff will be cleaning the tables much more regularly than before. After a table has been used it will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before the next group can use it.

We have gone far and beyond on this front. At regular 30 minute intervals we will be spray sanitising the entire toilets from top to bottom.

Furniture has been removed and replaced to ensure full social distancing is in place. Other measure will also include screens and curtains to ensure maximum protection is in place. Furniture will not be allowed to be moved.

NO more queuing at the bar I’m afraid. Customers will find a QR code at their table, that will take them to our ordering app. once you order here, please wait whilst our staff make and bring your drink over to you

We will be accepting walkins to the venue. If we are at capacity and customers need to queue, we will be enforcing a 2 metres distanced queuing at the front door, please help our staff and security out here by adhering.

External areas will be set up with the same social-distancing measures as internally.

To avoid congestion, smoking will not be permitted around any entrance/exit doors.

Where possible, the designated external smoking area will be clearly marked to aid with social distancing.


Bar Manager

For general enquiries, this message wil go to the General Manager of the bar. For all complaints, stock enquiries, hire areas. Please don’t use for music bookings or lost property, there are forms below for this. For everything else, please contact us here.

    Lost Property

    For all lost property enquiries. Please fill out the form to the fullest, and make sure to include an email and contact phone number.

      Music/ Programming

      For all music, comedy, art, theatre enquiries. If you are a DJ, band, theatre group, comedian – anything cultural or about our programme – please contact us here.

      If you are interested in a show, you will need to describe your music, include a short description about where you have played and also most importantly – include links to your music. If we don’t have links, we can’t give you a show.

        For all enquires please call us up for a chat!

        For bookings, complaints and all other enquiries – please go through to the main bar! Only use the band booking option for booking bands!

        01189 597196 – CALL HERE

        (press the link to call)



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